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January 2016

The Mommy Glow

I’m a creep…

Not like, Ray J, Robert Kelly creepy, more like RonReaco Lee as Reggie or Jamal type creep.(Didn’t get the reference, don’t worry).  Being the creep that I am it is no revelation that I am infatuated with my wife.  So, I promise, after today, this blog will be more story and informational driven, and less shout-outy going forward.(Don’t hold me to it)  But none of this would really be possible without my beautiful wife, emphasis on beautiful.

I was going to give a background story of her gumption and intelligence, and how she is finishing her Master’s program this spring and all the other additions to a great triumph insert BUT…this isn’t about that!  It’s about her being gorgeous and her beauty growing seemingly exponentially while being pregnant.  I’ve always heard of this pregnant glow, where moms-to-be are supposedly bright and shining, flowing with confidence and exuding everything that is great about nature.  Turns out EVERY WORD OF IT IS TRUE!

There is something about a woman that you already think is stunning, carrying your future child that makes her more attractive.

 It very well may be the fact that her hair and nails (and breast) are growing, but I’m thinking it’s something more psychological than that.

I may be archaic and I apologize sincerely for being a caveman.  Pregnancy to me is a fond reminder of the beauty of nature and the essence of creation.  A “SisterQueen” walking around all tubby bellied is God’s greatest showing of woman in her pure form.  I encourage all fathers in my situation to keep the love up and let your woman know how amazing her new form is.  Not only because it’s true but because you’re grateful.  Half of the appreciation comes from the fact that she’s not only protecting my daughter but caring for her in a way that I never could.   Some of my love can be accredited to being a first time parent, I’m getting to witness a totally new version of my Wife;

not only are we birthing a child, we’re birthing a mother.


P.S. Love you baby 1/20.


Baby Shower Attendees

I’m an event planner.  Not by career, not even by hobby, I guess it’s more of by stubbornness.

I have this mix of controlling and perfectionist complexes, where it’s kind of hard for me to let others do things I’m capable of.  Most times, I forget to rule in being capable doesn’t perfectly align with being available.

Nonetheless, I’m an event planner.

I put together some 20-30 plus events in my undergrad involvement with student organizations, fraternities and volunteer groups.  I planned my own listening party for my album, I planned my own wedding.(I even got a stern talking to for trying to plan and not participating in my best friend’s wedding) and just recently:

I planned our baby shower.

The shower went pretty close to perfect besides the cake being BLUE instead of PINK the first go round, but I even managed to get that straightened out.  But planning the shower wasn’t a big deal at all, attending is what is up on trail right now.

I’ve heard that co-ed baby showers are the new trend, and my wife told me that she would be highly upset if I didn’t attend ours.  I have 6 older sisters and 12 nieces and nephews, needless to say, baby showers aren’t an event that I’m unaware of.  BUT, I was raised to think that they were only for women.  In fact, with all those nieces and nephews around me, the first baby shower I ever attended was in a college breakout room for a friend.  I will say, I have a clear understanding of both parties and ultimately this is decision for the party host and the parents, but here are a couple things I’ve learned from my baby shower tenure:

  1. If both parents are attending, but there are only women guest;  this is a direct form of torture for the father – It is with good intent but almost no man wants to be in this position.

  2. If the shower is co-ed, remember the cause. – Mixing friends and family of both sexes, free food, drink and, open dialogue can lead to a “kick it” session rather than a baby celebration.

  3. An all male baby shower doesn’t exist.

After enduring two baby showers for my little one, one being co-ed, the other being lesson #1, my opinion is that baby showers should be all women.  The reason I say this is because the baby shower allows for women both mothers and expecting mothers to have unfiltered conversations about pregnancy and childcare.  Although, I am one of those rare men that is very intrigued by every aspect of expectancy, just because I’m comfortable doesn’t mean everyone else is.

 Those conversations about “womanly” things need to happen, and the baby shower is the best place for them to happen.

Disclaimer:  I've never planned any event ENTIRELY by myself, I am awesome but not that awesome.  Thank you to those that helped me plan those past events and the baby shower :-)

What are your opinions on baby shower attendance, I'd love to hear them?

(Anybody want to see the cake, it turned out pretty great.)


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