The greatest thing about raising a child is you literally are watching a person learn how to be….well a person.  Needless to say A LOT can change in 2 months…

That’s how long it has been since the last time I posted and boy has this girl been person-ing.  She can talk! Well, not English exactly, more like a mixture between Simlish and whatever language Taz speaks.  Nonetheless, she is a babbling brook.  She can play piano! Well, not Alicia Keys exactly, she has a play-mat equipped with a foot keyboard that she stomps, making her a pint size Tom Hanks from Big.  She can climb off of couches and out her swing! Well, yes, exactly, she rolls over and out of anything she isn’t strapped down to.  I’m obviously THAT parent, or THAT parent in training at least.  I’ll be hyperbolizing her accomplishments for many years to come.  But, I think that’s part of the job description.  Another key note is she is no longer in daycare.  Needless to say A LOT can change in 2 months…

I will state that we ended up loving the daycare for the most part, and removing her from daycare has no tragic and lawsuit filled story to go with it, sorry in advance.  We originally enrolled her because my Wife was a full-time graduate student and intern along with myself working and doing school full-time.  However, May has come and commencement has happened!  So instead of sitting back and enjoying the laziness of a month off before starting her career, Momma gets to mommy.

Prior to having a child during our family planning talks, my Wife and I decided that along with faith, and family we wanted education to be one of the pillars of our household.  As I stated in a previous post my grandmother was a school teacher and my father’s side of the family holds education in high regards.  So high that at least pursuing college is a standard rather than an option.  It’s something that my Wife admired about my family’s culture and decided that we wanted to inherit and take one step further.  So, somehow in these talks she motivated me to start grad school a semester after her.(A lot can change in 2 months).

Although we will support Little Lady no matter what she does academically, we wanted to set a mute model for her.  We must be doing something right our family graduation picture circled the internet 10s of 1000s of times. (Thank you to Pro Blackery 2, Black Love & Relations, 1 Million AfricansOlmecian, and all other blogs, Instagrams, Facebook groups, and Friends & Family that shared)13198630_1709036826033761_8539982453957556294_o

Subconsciously, we are everything our parents were and even more what we wish they were.

Momma, is the first of her family to complete both a Bachelor and Masters degree(in Social Work). My father achieved his MBA when I was a child and now I have just completed my Master’s in Information Systems, and am taking the next step towards becoming a doctoral candidate.  It is our only aspiration to see more for our seed than we have witnessed for our self.  I honestly believe that not only continuing the cycle but asking for those to prosper and achieve higher than the previous is the key to a better future.

Little Lady is Master Locksmith.(well, not exactly, but she’s McGyver in my eyes)