Babies are dumb.


Although it sounds harsh, it’s really true, and actually kind of scary.  They have really short term memories, no opinions, and an extreme shortage of ways of expressing said non-existent opinion.  I once wanted to study child psychology (kudos to those patient and diligent enough) and the first thing I learned about is object permanence.  It’s one of the key indicators that babies are dumb.  Object permanence is the understanding that things exist even once they’re out of your eyesight.  The thing about babies is not only do they not understand you don’t exist when you hide your face playing peek-a-boo, they also kind of don’t understand that they themselves exist at all.

Contrary to first paragraph reading belief this is not a baby bash (Suga, Suga how you get so fly!) nor a rant about how I want nothing to do with children again.  It’s not the opposite either, this is a mixture of self-reflection, future strategies, and Father’s day praise all realized through understanding how smart, or not so much Little Lady is.

The coolest thing about babies not being smart is…

They don’t need to be! We don’t need babies to solve mathematical equations or do anything that requires extreme brain power.  We only need them to be cute for the time being, and many a celebrity model have proven, knowledge is not a prerequisite to cuteness. (Channing Tatum might be an infant yo…)  The other good thing about our idiot babies is they are growing and learning as they go so they won’t always be dense.  This also brings the key component of parenting out, we’re not here only to change diapers and make sure our little people don’t die, we’re here to teach them how to not be dumb.

Here comes the self-reflection and Father’s day praise…

My father is pretty awesome! (I wrote a post about him, you should read it).  Among most things that I can praise him for, I think the most important thing he taught me was how to think.  I want to emphasize the word HOW.  As parents, we often want our children to be a small us, dress like us, talk like us, and like the same things as us.  I think a huge component is understanding that we don’t need a photocopy but a prodigy.

We should teach our children how to think, not what to think.

My Pops explained to me at a young age that I had an opinion and I had the freedom to voice it.  He informed me that people did not have to agree with it, and that it should always be presented in a respectable manner, but that I ALWAYS had an opinion.  If you know me personally or via this blog it’s easy to see that I may have heeded his words a little too far.  If you’re upset that I ALWAYS have an opinion and usually voice it(which I do) blame my father, haha!

Seriously though, we have an agenda in the creation of imprudent creatures, to make sure they don’t stay that way.  By definition a foolish person is one that does not know how to think.  If you raise a little you, and they are foolish it may be because the process is broken.

Finish it off with the future strategy…

I get to celebrate my first Father’s day with a 4-month old blessing, which has just discovered her feet are connected to her body. (Well, I think she understands that) My promise to her is that although Daddy may always think he’s right (he is), she has the tools to present why she is, and also the tools to understand why I get to make the tough decisions.  She’s already taught me so much more than what I thought I knew, maybe, babies, aren’t dumb…

Happy Father’s Day!