Well that happened fast didn’t it?t_peanut_cake_176

A year ago I was on this blog,  overwhelmed with emotion about my daughter being brought into this world.  Now well, she’s a year old.(I can finally stop calling her zero)  I figured this was the best time to get back to blogging since so much has changed.

First, we’re with child again.  Yup. It’s another girl.  She’ll make her appearance sometime end of June.   However it isn’t about her today, it’s all about big sister and the things she’s taught me in the 1st year of DADn.

A year in review(I have to make this short we’re headed to Chuck E. Cheese):

My daughter taught me a lot about myself while also teaching me about babies.  Working in childcare for a couple years during high school I thought that I knew a thing or two.( I didn’t know ANYTHING)

  1.  STOP playing the compare game. – This could be a post of it’s own.  Having children, especially when all your friends are also having children turns some people into milestone achievers.  “My little person was talking at X months, and walking in Y months.”

    Turns out children are people too and just as you shouldn’t compare your own life with others, you shouldn’t with theirs.  (And) If your child is anything like mine, she’ll do things when she’s ready and comfortable not the other way around.

  2. Sharing is only fun at first. – At this point I don’t understand why bathrooms(or any rooms) have doors.  The top thing that Little Lady has taught me is, my personal space is also her personal space.  She’s pretty much my shadow(morning, afternoon, and the reason I have a 5 O’clock)  Sharing video games with me was fun in theory, until she wants a controller EVERYTIME(unplugged controller trick doesn’t work in the wireless era)
  3. I’m pretty good at DADn – I had no idea what parenthood had in store for me, but it turns out that it’s like my calling.(Or every humans natural instinct)  I think that I’ve been doing a pretty good job, although it was hard to tell when the little one could not talk but now that she can, turns out she thinks so too.

I think the main thing that I have learned in this passed year is that although Little Lady has taught me so much, I LOVE teaching her.  I’ve only been a father for a year and it’s been the best freaking year of my life.  Thanks & Happy Birthday Peanut!