“I think my water broke”

The quote that every nervous and anticipating father anxiously awaits (and/or fears.) Just like in the TV shows you frantically call the doctor, help your lady to the car, and run back to grab the bags…

“Bags? What bags?”

Ah, of course, the magical bags with everything imagined in them that she must have packed because you don’t need anything to have a baby. I mean she probably needs stuff(because women ALWAYS need stuff) but you just have to show up with your moral support and yet unbroken fingers right?


You probably recall her asking you to pack your bag and did 1 of 2 things:

  1. Forgot and/or didn’t think you needed to pack it
  2. Started to pack; had no idea what was supposed to go in there, then reverted to #1


Inspired by my good friend who is expecting his first son in a few, here is my attempt to help you out with that.  Where do we start?  If you have a situation anything like mine your wife has already done the heavy lifting. Meaning she has bagged everything for herself and the newborn so that leaves you to focus on Pops.

  1. Pack Light – You don’t need much, you aren’t packing for a summer vacation (you won’t be for quite some time now), this is a 1 to 2 night stay, one change of clothes is all you’ll probably need.
  2. Pack Comfortable – most of your time is going to be spent trying to sleep(not going to work), lounging and pacing. Trade any jeans or slacks for sweat pants, and go ahead and pull the Roshes out instead of those Retro 6s.
  3. Pack Entertainment – Labor and induction isn’t like the TV shows, you’ll be sitting around bored, most likely with a partner who’s inaudible and sleep most of the time. My go to was my Nintendo DS, but a laptop or tablet does the trick also. DADn Tip: Bring a book if you’re old school, reception/wifi may be scarce.
  4. Pack Hygienic – Don’t forget the essentials, the $1 hygiene section has you covered. Toothbrush, deodorant, body wash.
  5. Pack a Backup – You’ll most likely be keeping the family updated via cell phone so pack that extra phone charger. Backup pillows and or blankets work too but wifey probably has those.
  6. Pack the Snacks – If you don’t mind running to the hospital cafeteria and vending machines just bring your wallet and change. If you want to avoid some of those expenses do the normal gas station run before a road trip and stock up on snacks, protein/cereal bars are a good pick.
  7. Pack The Camera – You will probably have your phone but if you have a digital camera bring it!(You never use it any other time, here’s your moment) Have your own photo shoot and memories, plus the hospital organized photo packages after birth are pricey!

You’ll have a lot more freedom than Mom to move around, so if you do forget something it’s not a huge deal, but be prepared.  Pack the Pops bag NOW!

I mean what if her water just broke?