John “Rewind” Gunter, Jr.

During the weekdays I’m an IT Security Engineer for a Fortune 500 insurance company and a Georgia State University Computer Information Systems Masters Candidate.

During the weekends(and by night) I transform into a Rapper, Spoken Word Artist, Author and Professional Speaker(whatever that means).

Although I seem to have most things figured out(I don’t), it doesn’t matter much as all is about to change. Shortly my occupation list will have Father added to the beginning.

I decided to document some of my life; I’m BLACK, Married, and a Father and somewhere in history we were told I and others like me don’t exist anymore.  I’ve never been anyone’s father before and as a Millennial no idea sounds better than fumbling through parenthood by recapping moments honestly and humorously for others to read daily.

So sometime in February, my wife is going to deliver a little girl…

…her name is Shane Michelle and I think she’s going to be awesome.

Any comments, concerns, or ideas.  Please shoot me an e-mail at Gunter.JohnJr@gmail.com.  Use the subject line “Ay Pops”